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Fishermen, when you come to Lake Elsinore, you will be fishing for White & Black Crappie, Bluegill, Bass, Wipers and Catfish and even some Carp.

White & Black Crappie

The black crappie and white crappie are quite similar in appearance but easy to tell apart. The white crappie is a bit more greenish and will have the black marking on its side arranged in a few vertical bars, while the black crappie is a bit more compressed and has his black arranged in a random manner forming no pattern at all. Each crappie species also has a different number of dorsal spines. Black crappie has 7-8 dorsal spines, while the white crappie has 5-6 spines.

FISHING GEAR RECOMMENDED: Crappie Jigs of all types, (I have been partial to the yellow and white tube). Four to six pound test line with a light to medium action pole. Using a bobber with about a two to three foot leader produces great catches during the spawn. Crappie nuggets will also help bring in the slabs.


Bluegills are closely related to largemouth bass, and anywhere there are bass there will be bluegills. They are one of the more popular fish in freshwater lakes and are quite easily caught. They take great varieties of baits, are not particularly wary, fight very well for their size, are exceptionally fine eating, and are extremely abundant in many ponds and lakes. Bluegill can be caught with just about any tackle, from a simple cane pole to sophisticated gear.

FISHING GEAR RECOMMENDED:Use light tackle - 2 to 4 pound test line on a light action pole. Use small hooks and a ¼ ounce sinker or small split shot sinker. Bobbers can also be used with about a 3 foot leader. Bluegill with strike meal worms, red worms, wax worms, night crawlers or crickets.


The wiper is a cross between a white bass and a striped bass. Wipers grow fast, strike hard, and fight like no other fish. There are two types of wipers, the palmetto bass made using the striped bass egg and white bass sperm, and the sunshine bass made using the white bass egg and striped bass sperm. The wiper, like its striper parent, has two rows of teeth near the rear of the tongue. The white bass has a single tooth patch on its tongue. The world record wiper is listed at 27 pounds, 5 ounces.

FISHING GEAR RECOMMENDED:Medium action poles using 10 to 15lb test line (they really give you a fight). You can fly line night crawler, shrimp, or live shad. Add a slide sinker with about a foot leader with the same bait and get the same results. The wiper will also hit crank baits, rattle traps, and swim baits, spinner baits and anything else that resembles a fish.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass are caught throughout much of the continental United States. They can be identified by their olive to green coloring with a black stripe down the side and a whitish belly. They have a large mouth that extends past the eye, smooth tongue, and a dorsal fin that is almost separate. They grow to a maximum size of a little more than 20lbs. Largemouth Bass can be found in most lakes of this state and they are the most popular game fish in the United States. Largemouth Bass can be caught year round but the winter is not considered a good time to target bass. They become lethargic in colder water and therefore; are much harder to catch in the winter.

FISHING GEAR RECOMMENDED: Use light to medium action poles using 6 to 15 pound test line. You may use all the conventional ways to catch bass. Live bait, Drop shotting, Carolina rigs, spinner baits, crank baits, plastic worms, grubs, crawfish, or lizards.


There are many species of catfish. Adults range in size from less than a pound to hundreds of pounds. They can be found in all types of water including ponds, streams, lakes and rivers in California and big catfish put up a very noble fight once hooked. Most catfish are considered bottom feeders to one extent or another. They will generally eat anything they can get in their mouth. Their strongest sense is smell which they use to locate potential food sources. Capitalizing on this sense is the primary weapon in your search for these creatures. Aggressive catfish have been caught on most types of fast moving bass lures so don't under estimate their ability to catch live bait.

FISHING GEAR RECOMMENDED:A medium to heavy action rod and reel. 8 to 15 pound test line, sinkers, # 2 or #3 hooks and some swivels and you will be set to pull in the kitties. The best baits have been night crawlers, shrimp and shad (alive or frozen).

Now you have yourself a great stay!

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